Important message to Telepaths and Channelers:
"Keep your station open for last minute info"

and to all:
"Keep your lamps trimmed and burning ....."

The HOPI report that all over North America, migratory birds have stopped returning to
their nesting grounds; salmon are no longer returning to their spawning grounds;
and indigenous tribes throughout the world have stopped having children.


Milson Macleod, 10th April, 2010

Right now is the time for Lightworkers to make their final preparations. Spring-cleaning time!

The vibrational changes of these times have reached a peak and cause many problems, especially for Lightworkers, yet at the same time they can be accompanied by feelings of bliss and joy, which may translate into sleepiness during the day. Do not fight it. Maintain your high frequency levels and be a shining Light to the rest of the world. Remember that for you, you are the most important person, so take good care of yourself - and this need not develop into egoism.

Do not let negative emotions come to the surface. Stay calm and centred, and remain unaffected by the 3D events happening around you, which may appear truly disastrous, even unjust or cruel - judgment is not yours, but that of each individual for themselves. Before one comes into this world, one is shown 'videos' of possible lives, one of which is chosen - with guidance - as the most appropriate, so whatever happens was known and accepted by each individual beforehand. When the veil comes down of course there is no recollection of just what this particular lifetime would entail.

This is a time of learning such as has never before been experienced. Enjoy the moment. You may have planned great projects for this lifetime, yet not seen them materialize, causing you bitter disappointment. It is most important to realise that it is not what you have achieved in this lifetime that matters but what your pure intent was! Let the past go and focus on our momentous future. Go for walks in nature, climb a mountain, enjoy the ozone by the sea and remember the spiritual breath - periodically take such deep breaths seven times (at a time) as often as you feel necessary. It is important also to drink pure, clean water throughout the day as this helps today's intense energies move safely through your physical body.

Remember that change is stressful to human beings. But change of this magnitude? ..... I cannot think of a word in the English language that would adequately describe what the effect will be on the uninformed masses. These times call for all to support each other as it will be difficult enough even for most Lightworkers to adjust. Be open to change at all times. Keep in touch with your Guardian Angel and spiritual guides, as well as your higher self. There will be some who will go their own way: but let them be. That is their choice.

Many will pass over. This does not mean that they should be overlooked. One of the tasks of a Lightworker will be to work with those who have suddenly and unexpectedly transitioned, sending them Love, bringing them comfort and understanding.

Increase your time in meditation, rest and sleep. Archangel Michael has stated that normally we should spend one third of our time in meditation: now we should increase that time significantly. If you are accustomed to the business phrase 'multitasking' you should find no difficulty in spending much of the day in meditation, yet often managing to do other tasks at the same time.

There is so much to learn that is quite new, and very different. Explanations on TV and radio will continue for a while after the announcement. Bear in mind that help is always at hand: many Celestial beings have come down to this plane to be of help: some are in human form, incognito; some however remain in spirit form.

This is why "The Celebration and the Chaos: Post-Stasis Times" was written. It covers all aspects of these changes, including important detail which has not been released elsewhere. Relatively few people have bothered to acquire it, but it was designed partly to be a reference manual for Lightworkers so that they could explain to others what really had happened and its beneficial effects on the population, while at the same time expanding their own knowledge. Caution of course is highly recommended as anger in some sectors will have reached fever pitch. There is much to do, and it has to be done in as short a time as possible.

Those who have held strong opinions, often since childhood, will be the most dangerous elements after the announcement: humans tend to protect their accumulated 'knowledge' at all costs, as being told they are wrong does grave damage to their ego, and downgrades their 'Truth' or knowledge base. This will be particularly true of staunch churchgoers. They will resent being told that their doctrines are false doctrines. Although they technically follow a "God of Love" they also have the peculiar philosophy that they can go as far as to kill 'non-believers' or non-followers of their dogmas with impunity. This has always been so, but in some religions this will be more blatant than in others. The walls are caving in, but closed minds can be difficult to re-open.

Most people cannot see the bigger picture: they may see the idols they have put on a pedestal crumble into dust, and the resultant psychological effect could well be devastating. Some might even end their lives rather than suffer the ignominy of having been a supporter of what turns out to be the Dark side.

"News" will no longer be managed by Illuminati minions. Nothing will remain hidden, regardless of how much it had previously been covered up. For many this will be most uncomfortable, and they will be forced to change their ways if they are to continue onboard Planet Earth. Yet in time all will become Beings of Love and Light.

Start the day right. The mind is generally free from clutter each morning when you awake, so use that time to clear yourself and communicate with your spiritual guides or whomsoever comes forward in Light to help you that day. One may suffer a pain in the heart when loved ones pass on, but let it go: a brighter future beckons.

Remember in all this turmoil to practise love, mercy and forgiveness. There is no place for negative emotions: if the kitchen becomes too hot, make a graceful exit out into a different and calmer environment. The Dark have a truly unpleasant experience ahead of them, and those of them who have been permitted to stay for the moment have a little more time to review their life before Aton says 'enough is enough' ..... Help them if you can, show them the way to go Home; and if they are willing to listen, give them time for reflection, but remember the adage about not casting pearls before swine, and do not endanger your physical body in the process.

Form groups if you like but do not be isolationist. Working together lightens the load and makes tasks more enjoyable at the same time. Preferably all members of a group should be compatible (this can be checked out quickly by comparing the day of the month on which each person was born) as this limits the possibility of future misunderstandings. Any questionable energy should not be admitted to the group, which might consist only of 5-6 participants.

The shift of the land masses will take place mainly during 'stasis', but it will continue on a lesser scale for some time thereafter. The waters will also shift. You should have chosen a safe place by now, if you mean to continue here on planet Earth. Future seismic disturbances may be well off the Richter scale.

The population will have decreased significantly. We have been told by Aton that 30% of the inhabitants of this planet will be removed. This is probably the average, so in 'civilized' nations it could be much higher (1 in 2?) as Illuminati representation there will have been proportionately much greater. Reorganising industry and commerce will be a major task as new technologies will change the scene dramatically. Establishing real education to replace the 'dumbing-down' system will be also. There is so much to do, and so few to do it.

Should you become ill or emotionally upset, surround yourself with the pure Light of the green healing ray. It will help return you to a peaceful and relaxed state, and speed up your recovery. Think for a moment why Man is normally surrounded by so much greenery, and trips to the countryside can be so uplifting. On a clear day, why does the beauty of a blue sky seem so peaceful as you lie down and peer into it?                 (Salusa)

Relax: practise deep breathing: we can be in constant touch with our Celestial kin just by the exchange of thoughts. Take these words to heart in this time of new beginnings: the Golden Age is upon us.

Progredere in luce,

With grateful acknowledgement to my many Spiritual Guides, who have accompanied me these many years, and who shall remain nameless for the moment ......

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