Entering the Golden Age

1st April, 2010, by Isidor

For a long time indeed it has been referred to as the 'End-Times': 'End-Days' would be more appropriate at this point in time, as there is very little of that Earth-term 'time' left. It might also be referred to as the downfall of capitalism.

Very few are indeed prepared for this completely new lifestyle. Most will be unsuited for it, and will pass on to other hunting grounds, where life will be comparable more to what we imagine as the "Stone Age".

Business will be drastically altered. There will be outrage among many when they discover that their traditional means of earning a livelihood will be no longer available. The more that greed and avarice were involved, the more violent that rage will be, as there will be no room for excessive profit-taking, nor earning multi-millions in year-end bonuses. And there will be auditors watching all the time, should anyone try to circumvent the new standards.

Businesses that provide a service to mankind will thrive, as will those that manufacture or offer goods that are essential or desirable and of high quality. There will be an increase in what was called the Third Sector or non-profit field as the earning of an income will continue under more favourable conditions, and there is no longer any need to provide excess income for shareholders (who will no longer exist) or those at the top who expect preferential treatment in the form of perks, bonuses, stock issues or other manner of financial gain. In effect, ALL businesses will be effectively non-profit: excess income over expenditure will be used to increase wages and salaries, reduce prices, or to expand the business.

Businesses will have no shares: existing businesses must re-register within 120 days of the announcement by adopting a new charter with a guiding Board of Directors. Existing shares must be cashed in or they become invalid 90 days from the date of the announcement.

Great expansion will be seen in the provision of humanitarian services to mankind and in environmental projects. The term 'investment' will come to mean investment in mankind or Mother Earth, and not in stocks and shares. There will be many environmentally friendly projects which will be funded initially by investors or philanthropists, and eventually by the 'saintly banks.'

There will be no income tax and an absence of almost all other taxes, as well as deductions for healthcare, insurance, pension or other benefits, as these will all be provided free of charge.

For the first ten years there will also be a very large sum paid monthly as compensation for past bank and income tax fraud. There will be no need to work, but few will sit idly by,

"The banking system is a distinct part of the Divine Plan for Earth in this place and time as a social facilitation device, and will not be permitted to return to being a medium of control." (St Germain)

The reputation of banks in the eye of the public will be considerably elevated under these new conditions, as drastic changes for the better will occur not just in banking but in the entire business environment.

Money is not in itself evil, but simply the way it is acquired or used. The acquisition of money rather than spiritual knowledge has become the symbol of a civilization that has lost its way. All that is about to change.

These are just a few notes on the drastic changes - for the betterment of mankind - that will come into effect as Planet Earth embarks upon a New Age .....

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